Observers should record *any issues* they have while observing including all data reduction problems at site. All observers maintain this page together to troubleshoot issues and to help future observers not to spend much time on troubleshooting. We may get some idea how to maintain this page from the SAMI troubleshooting guide.

When you find any issues, please follow the steps:

  1. Check ‘Known issues and troubleshooting’ first. If you find one there, try to fix the problem following the guide. If the guide is not up-to-date, feel free to update.
  2. If you do not find troubleshooting for the issue, report it under ‘New issues’. You also contact who-is-in-charge (coming soon!).
  3. If you found a fix, please list your issue and a fix under ‘Known issues and troubleshooting’

Known issues and troubleshooting

New issues (with no solutions yet)