Leader: Hyunjin Jeong

Email: hyunjin@kasi.re.kr

Collaborators: Jiwon Chung, Jong Chul Lee, Joon Hyeop Lee, Kyuseok Oh, Mina Pak(Anyone interested in this subject is welcome to join.)

Topic: The future fate of ram-pressure affected cluster galaxies

Status: under review by Science Committee

Abstract: In previous studies (Kim et al. 2017, Jeong et al. 2019), we investigated the kinematic alignments of early-type galaxies in Virgo, Abell 119, and Abell 168 using the kinematic (and photometric) position angles from Atlas3D and SAMI and found that luminous early-type galaxies tend to prefer the specific position angles that are closely related to the directions of the filamentary structures around clusters. More interestingly, this alignment signal is more prominent for galaxies in the projected phase-space regions dominated by infalling populations. This implies that cluster early-type galaxies have been accreted along filaments while maintaining their predetermined spin axes. Our findings provide a piece of evidence that the kinematic alignment of early-type galaxies in cluster environments can be a common phenomenon. In this project, therefore, we aim to study whether the cluster-to-cluster variation is mainly due to their surrounding large-scale structures or not, by investigating Hector clusters in different dynamical status. This gives valuable information on the formation and evolution of galaxy clusters.

Needed data products: Position Angle (both photometric and kinematic; PAphot& PAkin), Galaxy Cluster Membership

Publication Date: 30/06/2023