Leader: Sree Oh

Email: sree.oh@anu.edu.au

Collaborators: Jesse van de Sande, Matthew Colless

Topic: The unexpected dynamics of low-mass dwarf galaxies

Status: under review by Science Committee

Abstract: The current IFS surveys have not adequately visited stellar kinematics of low-mass galaxies (M*<10^9.5 solar masses) mainly due to limited spectral resolution and S/N and the moderate size of current IFS surveys.
We will reliably measure the kinematics of low-mass galaxies with the high spectral resolution of the Hector instrument and our observing strategy of visiting low-mass galaxies multiple times to achieve a sufficient S/N. We plan to extend our studies of the mass-sigma (Faber-Jackson) and mass-rotation velocity (Tully-Fisher) scaling relations to low-mass galaxies and their decomposed bulge and disk components where possible. We will examine whether low-mass galaxies share the same scaling as high-mass galaxies or whether there are deviations from those scaling relations below some threshold mass. Barat et al. (2019) reported a deviation of low-mass galaxies in the mass-sigma scaling relation using SAMI data. Hector has an excellent spectral resolution, and therefore, will be a test bed for the impact of the spectral resolution on the kinematics of galaxies. We will thoroughly compare the result from SAMI and Hector in the low mass regime.

Needed data products: stellar mass, stellar kinematics, B/T

Publication Date: 30/06/2023