This page contains guidelines for observing with Hector. As with all instrument systems, things will change from run to run, so always check here before you go observing.

Equally, a document such as this will never cover everything exactly or predict all changes at the telescope. Please use this document as a guideline and always check and test things as you go.

The First Night

Before Sunset Essentials

Initial Hardware Set-up AAOmega

Initial Hardware Set-up Spector

Initial Software Set-up

Instrument Control Software

The SAMI Python Package

Default Observing Procedure


Plate Plugging

Hexabundle Designations

Changing the Plate

Updating and Loading the Hector Allocation File

Focusing the Spectrographs

Testing Data Reduction with 2dfdr and Other Hector Software

Data Reduction with 2dfdr and the SAMI package

Logging observer comments directly to the FITS files

The Python Package

Data Quality Checks

Night-time Calibration Frames (Flats, Arcs, Twilights)

Flats and Arcs


Focussing the Telescope

Measuring and Correcting the Global Plate Rotation

SAMI Plug Plate Rotation

Spectrophotometric Standards

Observing Galaxies

Day-time Calibrations (Biases, Darks and Long-slit Flats)

Biases and Darks

Long-slit Flats

CCD Failure Troubleshooting

At the End of the Night

Updating the Team

Dealing with the Data

At the End of the Run