We are holding a joint SAMI and Hector busy week on 4th – 7th October. It will be held in Sydney at the AAO-MQ offices in North Ryde. The main points of focus for the meeting will be:

  • Discussion of current and future SAMI science, including links to Hector.
  • Hector strategic planning.
  • Early analysis of Hector data, including testing and improvements to pipelines and preliminary science analysis.

Registration for attendees

Please add your name to this list below, including the dates you will be attending and talk title if you would like to give a talk. For the location please specify “in person” or “remote + hotspot (UWA, KASI particularly)”. If you attend in person, please add any dietary requirements.

To add your details: scroll down to the bottom left of this page and click “Edit”. Come back to the table to add your details. Click “Update” on the top right to update this page. For any issues contact For example, if you cannot log on or edit this page, then email us with details.

NameDatesTalkLocationAny dietary restrictions?
Stefania BarsantiAllSpin-filament alignments in the cluster outskirtsin personNo
Julia BryantAllHector overviewin personNo
Scott Croom All SAMI update and strategic directionsin personNo
Tom RutherfordAllUsing streams and shells to trace the dynamical evolution of massive galaxiesin personNo
Ángel López-SánchezAllin personNo
Sam VaughanAllHector Target Selection in personNo
Henry ZovaroAllin personVegan
Caroline FosterTBConline mostly
Di WangAllin personno
Amelia Fraser-McKelvie4-5th (possibly 6th)TBAOnline :'( (UWA)
Matt OwersAllHector Clusters overview (if required)in personNo
Oguzhan Cakir (added by Matt)Allin personunsure
Mina PakAllin personNo
Gabriella QuattropaniAllin personNo
Yifan MaiTBCin personNo
Matthew CollessTBCTBCNo
Ummee Tania AhmedAll in person No seafood and pork
Sree OhAllHector DR progressin personNo
Joon Hyeop LeeAllOnline (KASI)
Susie TuntipongAllin personLactose free
Jong Chul LeeAllOnline (KASI)
Peter WatsonAllRadial gradients in low-spin galaxiesin personNo
Hyunjin JeongAllKinematic Alignments of Early-type Galaxies in Cluster EnvironmentsOnline (KASI)
Kyuseok OhAllOnline (KASI)
Jiwon ChungAllOnline (KASI)
Madusha GunawardhanaAllin personNo
Jesse van de Sande4-6thin person
Brent MiszalskiTBCData Central support for Hector (2dFdr automation, target selection and observing log apps)in person or onlineNo

Brent GrovesAllTBConlineNo


The AAO-MQ offices are located at 105 Delhi Road, North Ryde NSW 2113. This is located north of the centre of Sydney in North Ryde (the nearest Metro station is North Ryde). It is easily accessible by metro, bus, bicycle or car. From experience, coming by car is a nightmare due to traffic and limited, expensive parking and so the first three options are strongly encouraged.

Directions and Rooms

Please note AAO-MQ is not on the MQ campus. The AAO Offices share a building with the National Measurement Institute (NMI) at 105 Delhi Rd, North Ryde.

Meeting Room 1&2 is located just behind the NMI reception.

Please provide your name to the NMI reception on arrival as building access has been organised for all non MQ attendees.

Meeting Room Requirements

AAO-MQ require that all attendees wear a mask in the meeting room. Attendees will need to bring their own masks (a small number of masks will be available should you forget).

RAT tests are also available should anyone like to perform a test if they develop symptoms.

Parking and Public Transport (see attached map)

It is recommended that attendees take public transport to the meeting as most of the visitor parking spots shown on the map will be closed in October. 

Take the metro to North Ryde, it is then a 700m walk to the AAO Office.

The 259 bus runs between the Macquarie Centre and Chatswood Station.


Catering will be provided, however to reduce waste, please bring a keep cup for tea and coffee during the meeting and a water bottle.

A list of local cafes can also be found at:


Note that NSW moves to Summer time as of Sunday 2nd Oct. As a result, during the meeting Perth will be 3hrs behind NSW and Korea will be 2hrs behind NSW.


In North Ryde (across from the AAO building) is Quest ~$160 p/n:…

The AAO offices are in North Ryde and near to the Metro station, so many other accommodation options are also available.

Remote access via Zoom

Zoom access is here:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:


Below is the program, times are Sydney local times (AEDT)


11:00-12:00informal catch-up, collaboration, paper writing etc
12:00-12:30Julia BryantHector status and plans for the week
12:30-1:00Scott CroomSAMI status and plans
2:00-3:00Sree/MadushaHector DR, plans for the week and priorities, include pipelines and other work. tests etc.20221004_Hector_busyweek
3:00-3:30People sign up to focus on tasks that have just been outlined in the previous 3 talks and confirm who they are working with.
4:00-5:00Scott CroomSAMI priorities and remaining key science


9:00-9:15Morning intro – confirming people know what tasks they are to focus on.
11:00-12:00Discussion topics: Naming convention for IDs; ASTRO-3D connections
links to other areas of ASTRO3D – GALAH, ASKAP, Genesis, galaxy evolution etc; Combining with Manga -merged datasets.
12:00-12:20Matt OwersHector clusters overview.HectorBW22_mowers.pdf
12:20-12:40Stefania BarsantiSpin-filament alignments in the cluster outskirtsSpin_Fil_SB
12:40-1:00Hyunjin JeongKinematic Alignments of Early-type Galaxies in Cluster EnvironmentsHector_SAMI_HyunjinJEONG
3:45-4:05Brent MiszalskiData Central support for Hector (2dFdr automation, target selection and observing log apps)HectorSupport
4:05-4:25Peter WatsonRadial gradients in low-spin galaxiesPJW_slides
4:45-5:00Afternoon wrap-up and progress discussion


9:00-10:30Morning intro and then work.
11:00-12:00Di WangSFHs and quenching talk (20 mins) THEN WorkDi_hector_10_22
12:00-1:00Discussion – Hector strategy, priorities, early science etc.
2:00-2:20Tom RutherfordUsing streams and shells to trace the dynamical evolution of massive galaxiespresentation_busyweek_tomrutherford
2:20-3:30Cluster discussion
4:00-4:30Discussion: (a) expansion of the RA range vs dec stripes for WAVES region observation strategy; (b) TAIPAN for the redshift survey.
4:30-5:00Updates and progress


9:00-10:30Morning intro and then work.
11:00-1:00Discussion: (a) Revisit the DR discussions (Sree, Madusha). (b)A analysis of allocation of galaxies to hexabundles (Oguzhan). (c) blue AAOmega spectrum lack of features (Mina)
4:00-4:30Updates and progress
4:30-5:00Updates and progress

Tasks from the DR team:

Accomplished DR task from Oguzhan Cakir: allocation of galaxies to hexabundles